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FAQ tStart

We encourage you to submit a business plan. However, we encourage you to finish, and you suggest, if selected, to find a partner who has no further obligations and academics who can help you in the daily management of your project, including the administrative part.
The terms and conditions clearly state that a business plan is only taken into account by the project leader.
Please refer to the Participate section in which the terms and conditions explained in detail the conditions of participation.
Please see the Participate section on the  site
Please see the Participate section on the  site
We have a road show program startup Bootcamp intended to cover the country. The list is detailed in the Schedule section. Also, the training sessions will be open soon.
All areas are accepted as soon as the project contains innovation or technology. To do this, please see the definition of innovation in general terms.
The presence in bootcamps throughout the national territory is not mandatory, but we strongly recommend that you attend at least one bootcamp to get free training on writing business plans, and have the opportunity to talk to an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley (San Francisco, USA)
It is not necessary to have, at this stage, a prototype of your product or service you want to offer to participate in the competition. Just have a clear idea of the product or service you want to develop for sale.
Whatever your location, you can participate in the competition. If you are selected among the winners, you can develop your product where you live.
In general terms you will find a comprehensive definition of "incubation." To summarize, it is to provide a dedicated training program to help you improve the product or service you offer. Minimum equipment and a list of experts will be at your disposal.
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